Principal Planner (Full Time)

The City of Redlands adopted the 2035 General Plan in December 2017 as the new blueprint for future development. The new General Plan envisions new development being focused on infill areas and the interior of the City, while preserving agricultural and open space land around the periphery. Additional work following the adoption of the new General Plan includes a new “Transit Villages & Downtown Specific Plan,” updating the East Valley Corridor Specific Plan, and various updates to the Zoning Code.

Candidate Profile:
The new Principal Planner will play a key role in guiding the formulation or revisions to specific plans, development policies, and municipal code updates. The successful candidate will be qualified to develop plans; manage projects; interpret and explain complex land use, zoning, subdivision and development laws and regulations; demonstrate knowledge of contemporary Planning trends and laws; and exhibit a high level of motivation and interest in Planning.

To perform professional work in the planning activities of the City of Redlands; directs highly complex development projects; conducts complex analysis on numerous land use related matters; under the direction of management reviews and improves protocols and systems; and to provide planning staff assistance to the Planning Commission, City Council, Environmental Review Committee, Historic and Scenic Preservation Commission and other City commissions and committees as assigned.

Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Direct, coordinate, and supervise the staff work within the planning division of the Development Services Department.
• Direct, assist, coordinate, and manage the work of the Development Review Committee.
• Develop and recommend changes regarding zoning and the General Plan; write and present reports; advise the City Council and Planning Commission on zoning and planning matters.
• Develop and present recommendations on development permits, conditional use permits, variances, tentative tract maps, residential planned development permits, as well as other zoning applications; prepare appropriate reports, and prepare Environmental Initial Studies to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).
• Review plans for compliance with codes and regulations; assist other agencies with reviewing plans and projects.
• Analyze and interpret social, economic, population and land use data and trends; prepare written and graphic reports on various planning and environmental matters.
• Direct planning studies involving the correlation and assembly of information; participate in the preparation of charts, maps and visual aides; compile information and make recommendations on special studies.
• Prepare reports, projects, and meeting agenda items for the Planning Commission, City Council, Environmental Review Committee, Historic and Scenic Preservation Commission, and Development Review Committee; attend public hearings; advise the Planning Commission, and City Council on planning; confer with City officials and the public on City planning matters.
• Assist the Environmental Review Committee; prepare meeting agenda items and deliver presentations; process and maintain Environmental Impact Reports and negative declaration.
• Enforce zoning ordinance; answer inquiries and complaints regarding its interpretation and applicability.
• Review development applications; provide advice regarding completeness and accuracy; develop and present recommendations on approval, denial or modification of applications.
• Prepare specific recommendations for development standards planning objectives and evaluation criteria.
• Participate in budget preparation by identifying future expenditures and providing cost estimates on selected items.
• Revise sign permit applications and building plans for compliance with zoning ordinance; advise on code enforcement procedures.
• Perform related duties as assigned.

• Five years of increasingly responsible experience in the field of municipal planning. One year of supervisory experience is desirable.

• A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in planning, public or business administration or a related field. A Master’s degree and American Institute of Certified Planners certification is desirable.

How to Apply:
Go to the City of Redlands website, or go to

Closing Date:
Friday 03/02/2018 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time