Environmental Design Blogger

We are seeking environmental design blogging interns who can make a minimum 6-month commitment, contractually. As a blogger you will be able to build your personal brand on the Internet, be looked upon as an expert in your field, network within your community and be recognized widely over different mediums. Your blogs will be distributed through The Grid (Global Site Plan’s blog), Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This a great way to gain visibility as you enter the public and private workforce, or to further develop yourself professionally.

6 month or 1 year commitment, contractually;
2 blogs per month (12 blogs in total for 6 months);
Uninteruppted Internet and computer access, must check email daily;
Excellent English and writing skills;
Passion for environmental design;
Access to a camera for taking local images for your blogs, or ability to partner with a local photographer;
Ability to work under deadlines and meet them.

Internship Outcomes:
Increased knowledge and exposure to blogging career opportunities;
Ability to utilize WordPress blogging software – increased knowledge of functionality and features;
Obtain editorial feedback to improve writing skills;
Branding yourself on the Internet and creating exposure for job opportunities;
Performance based upon word count accuracy, number of revisions required of each blog and improvements over time, meeting deadlines, and following formatting according to training.

To learn more and apply, visit http://globalsiteplans.com/internship. Applications close on Friday, October 17, 2014 – so apply today.

This is an unpaid and virtual internship which can be completed from home. While we cannot guarantee opportunities for paid employment, interns will always gain first preference in our hiring processes.