Assistant/Associate Planner

The City of Arcadia is seeking an experienced, solution-oriented Assistant or Associate Planner to join the Development Services Department! The successful candidate will be responsible for routine planning work with residential and commercial projects, as well as new long range planning projects. Public Agency experience, and some experience in Geographic Information System (GIS), Architectural design review, and/or historic preservation is desirable.

The ideal candidate will:
Demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills to deliver a customer service approach and ability to establish, maintain, and foster positive working relationships.
Exercise good judgment in the completion of duties for time sensitive projects.
Be able to apply technical and analytical skills to resolve problems and complete tasks.
Effectively collaborate in a team environment in order to complete tasks and achieve shared goals.
If this describes you, apply today!

To be considered for this opportunity, a fully completed application, and cover letter are required to be submitted.


Under general supervision (Assistant Planner) or direction (Associate Planner), to perform professional level work in the field of current and advance planning; to provide information and assistance to developers and the public on planning related matters; and to provide highly technical and responsible support to the Community Development Administrator.


Assistant Planner–This is the entry level in the professional Planner class series. Positions at this level usually perform most of the duties required of the positions at the Associate Planner level, but are not expected to function at the same skill level and usually exercise less independent discretion and judgement in matters related to work procedures and methods. Assignments require the application of fundamental planning principles. Work is usually supervised while in progress and fits an established structure or pattern. Exceptions or changes in procedures are explained in detail as they arise. Since this class is often used as a training class, employees may have only limited or no directly related work experience.

Associate Planner–This is the full journey level in the professional Planner class series. Positions at this level are distinguished from the Assistant Planner level by the performance of the full range of duties as assigned including responsibility for the application of professional knowledge and skills to various municipal planning problems and projects. Responsibilities include the preparation of specific reports and plans with opportunity for working independent­ly and exercising judgment and initiative. Positions at this level receive only occasional instruction or assistance as new or unusual situations arise, and are fully aware of the operating procedures and policies of the work unit. Positions in this class series are flexibly staffed and positions at the Associate Planner level are normally filled by advancement from the Assistant Planner level with three years of experience and successful performance reviews. When filled from the outside, the employee is required to have prior related experience which allows the employee to meet the qualification standards for the Associate Planner level.


Assistant Planner

Exercises no supervision.

Associate Planner

May exercise technical and functional supervision over lower level staff.
Examples of Duties
Advise property owners and petitioners of the effect and implications of zoning and development actions.

Coordinate and develop CDBG programs.

Check plans for grading, slope, and other engineering plan check items.

Research and draft covenants, resolutions, and ordinances for review.

Review, assist in the preparation and submittal of, evaluate and process rezoning, variance, conditional use permit, subdivision, design review and other similar planning related applications.

Review building plans for conformance to zoning and related ordinances, policies, guidelines, and criteria.

Perform field activities to ascertain compliance with zoning and related ordinances, policies, guidelines, and criteria.

Provide technical staff support and make oral presentations to the Planning Commission and other committees.

Serve as alternate representative for the Planning Director’s Committee of the SGVCOG.

Respond to telephone and counter inquiries for information, advice, and assistance regarding the effects of construction and land use regulations and policies, and demographic and economic situations on development opportunities and proposals.

Review, assist in the preparation of, evaluate, process, investigate in the field, and monitor implementation of development and land use plans and applications within specific timeframes for compliance with planning, architectural, environmental and redevelopment regulations and policies.

Evaluate and resolve problems arising from conflicts between proposed development and land use plans and the various regulations, policies, and processes that govern construction, development and land use; assist in the redesigning of project at the design and construction stages as necessary.

Compile, research and evaluate information to report on planning related matters as requested or mandated by co-workers, supervisor/manager, the general public, and other agencies including planning applications, surveys, compliance with regional, State and Federal programs.

Monitor and evaluate the effects and implications of regional planning and development issues on the City of Arcadia; coordinate with SCAG and the SGVCOG.

Identify insufficiencies, inconsistencies, conflicts, and obsolete items in the Municipal Code relating to development and land use regulations; recommend and prepare amendments to correct, improve, or repeal such items.

Research, analyze, and interpret social, economic, population, and land use data and trends; prepare written reports on various planning matters and elements of the General Plan.

Prepare initial studies; define the scope of work; review environmental impact reports.

Participate in the preparation of the City’s General Plan.

Compile information and prepare recommendations on special studies; prepare related planning reports.

Provide information to the public regarding zoning, land use, and the General Plan; participate in public meetings as necessary.

Confer with and advise architects, builders, attorneys, contractors, engineers, and the general public regarding City development policies and standards.

Review development proposals and applications for compliance with appropriate regulations and policies; prepare reports of recommendations.

Prepare staff reports for the City Council, Planning Commission, and other committees.

Check commercial, industrial, and residential development plans for issuance of zone clearance; process permit applications and calculate appropriate fees.

Research and draft ordinances for review by the Community Development Administration and Planning Commission.

Investigate complaints of zoning violations and recommend corrective action as necessary to resolve complaints concerning the City’s planning function.

Participate in coordinating planning activities with other City departments; conduct meetings to define project scope.

Provide technical assistance to professional and clerical planning staff.

Perform related duties and responsibilities as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications
Assistant Planner

Knowledge of:

Principles and practices of urban planning and development.

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Recent developments, current literature, sources of information, and research techniques related to the field of urban planning.

Modern office methods, practices, procedures, and related equipment.

Mathematical principles.

Safe driving principles and practices.

Skill to:

Operate modern office equipment including computer equipment.

Operate a motor vehicle safely.

Ability to:

Learn pertinent Federal, State, and local laws, codes, and regulations.

Analyze and compile technical and statistical information and prepare routine reports.

Understand and follow oral and written instructions.

Prepare basic planning graphics including site plans and land use maps.

Read and interpret construction drawings.

Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

Establish, maintain, and foster positive and harmonious working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.


One year of directly related municipal planning experience is desirable.


Equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in urban planning or a related field.

License or Certificate:

Possession of, or ability to obtain, an appropriate, valid driver’s license.

Special Requirements:
Essential duties require the following physical skills and work environment:

Ability to work in a standard office environment; ability to travel to different sites and locations.

Associate Planner

In addition to the qualifications for Assistant Planner:

Knowledge of:

Pertinent Federal, State, and local laws, codes, and regulations pertaining to general plans, housing, zoning, subdivision, building and construction, real estate, redevelopment and civil engineering.

Statistical principles.

Architectural styles, history, and design philosophies.

Ability to:

Interpret and apply the polices, procedures, laws, codes, and regulations pertaining to assigned programs and functions.

Analyze and compile technical and statistical information and prepare detailed technical reports and recommendations.

Check building plans for conformance with land use, architectural and zoning regulations, and suggest changes to achieve compliance.

Interpret planning and zoning programs to the general public.

Perform professional planning work with a minimum of supervision.

Manage project development and implementation.

Provide training to less experienced planning staff.


Three years of professional municipal planning experience.


Equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in urban planning or a related field.

License or Certificate:

Possession of, or ability to obtain, an appropriate, valid driver’s license.

Special Requirements:
Essential duties require the following physical skills and work environment:

Ability to work in a standard office environment; ability to travel to different sites and locations.
Supplemental Information

A fully completed online application is required to be submitted along with a cover letter. Incomplete, late, emailed, faxed and hard copy applications are not accepted. Resumes are not considered in lieu of the required online employment application. All certificates, resumes, cover letters, and other documents requested by the City for the position advertised, must be uploaded with your online application.

The Selection Process:

All applications will be reviewed and evaluated. Those candidates who are determined to be best qualified based upon the information presented on the application materials will be invited to continue in the selection process which may include a qualifying written or performance evaluation and will include an interview weighted 100%. The City reserves the right to limit the number of interviews conducted. Candidates will be notified via e- mail or telephone if they qualify to move to the next step in the selection process. The interview score will determine ranking on the eligibility list and will remain in effect for one year.

Pre-employment background and medical examinations are additional requirements for hire. Failure on any part of the selection process will result in removal from the recruitment process. Please Note: If you have a disability that may require an accommodation in the selection process, please notify Human Resources in writing when you submit your application.