Assistant/Associate Planner

Deadline to Apply: May 5, 2016

Associate Planner: The Associate Planner is the journey level classification in the professional Planner series. An employee in this classification performs a broad range of complex current and advanced planning duties, receiving only occasional instruction or assistance as new or unusual circumstances arise. Assigned duties involve the application of professional knowledge to various municipal planning, zoning, and environmental problems. This position is distinguished from the Senior Planner which is responsible for assignments of greater complexity and is expected to operate with greater independence and a larger scope of decision making.

Assistant Planner: The Assistant Planner is the entry level classification in the professional Planner series. An incumbent in this classification is performs a variety of routine to moderately complex assignments in current or advanced planning which require the application of fundamental planning principles. Assignments are generally limited in scope and are performed within an established procedural framework. The Assistant Planner is distinguished from the Associate Planner, which has responsibility for larger and more complex projects and is more frequently involved in the development and presentation of planning studies and projects.