Assistant Planner

FINAL FILING DATE: Applications will be accepted by the Personnel Department until Thursday/July 17, 2014 at 5:30 p.m.

This position requires some professional level experience operating under general supervision. Assignments involve both field and office work in the completion, analysis and presentation of long and short range planning matters. The person in this position works under the general supervision of the Principal Planner.

l. Research, analyze and interpret land use data.
2. Prepare written reports on various planning matters; review development proposals and applications for compliance with the General Plan, zoning ordinance and all other appropriate regulations and policies; prepare reports and make recommendations based on sound planning principles and practices for the Planning Commission and City Council.
3. Prepare initial studies and assist in review of environmental impact reports.
4. Check commercial, industrial and residential development plans for issuance of zoning clearances; process applications and calculate appropriate fees.
5. Make field investigations, and do statistical surveys involving planning and zoning matters.
6. Perform some graphic representation and drafting.
7. Collect data and prepare current and advance planning studies with recommendations.
8. Represent the City at various meetings, and serve and a liaison on City committees.
9. Confer and advise architects, builders, attorneys, contractors, engineers and the general public regarding City development policies and standards; respond to and resolve citizen inquiries and complaints regarding the City’s planning function.
10. Performs other duties as assigned.