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If you would like to apply to the 2018 APA PEEL Mentor Program: CLICK HERE


We invite all Orange Section APA members to be a part of our Section’s Mentoring Program, newly branded as the APA Orange PEEL Program.  Help promote a positive atmosphere of networking and career development among all planners throughout Orange County.

WE NEED MENTORS! Are you an experienced planner willing to advise and guide others? Our program makes it easy to become a Mentor!

Second year graduate students, YPG members and emerging planners: become a Protege!

The commitment involves three hosted receptions and three monthly meetings with your Mentoring Team.

The program starts late-January with a kick-off reception event in Irvine to meet with your mentoring team.

The ideal mentoring relationship explores personal knowledge and experience in a small group setting.  The program ends in June 2018 at a send-off reception for all of the program participants.

There’s so much to learn from each other.  Ready to join?

Questions? Please contact Belinda Deines, Vice Director of Professional Development, at bdeines@danapoint.org

See program photos and highlights:

2017 APA Orange PEEL

2016 Inaugural Class

The mission of the APA Orange PEEL program is to foster a thriving, impactful mentoring program that continually builds a network of professionals to strengthen ties within the planning community in Orange County.  This effort will help to provide participants the opportunity to enhance their career and personal skills through the creation of mutually beneficial relationships and friendships between emerging planners and experienced planning professionals in the area.

The goal of the Mentoring Program is to successfully match emerging planners (“Protégés”) with experienced planners (“Mentors”) for guidance and support, while offering mentors an opportunity to strengthen ties with our future leaders of the planning community and American Planning Association (APA).

The objectives of the APA Orange PEEL Program:
– Recognize APA’s commitment to professional and technical development
– Accelerate and enhance career and professional development of participants
– Increase knowledge of the technical and/or organizational aspects of planning
– Make friends and develop long-lasting relationships between participants

The intent of the APA Orange PEEL Program is to introduce emerging planners to the professional realm of potential career development.  This program affords the opportunity to develop a dynamic relationship from which all benefit in a small group setting.  The ideal mentoring relationship exceeds fact-finding and explores personal knowledge and experience.  Mentors become invaluable resources in helping guide and advise protégés.

– Make a difference in the lives of young planners interested in your area of expertise
– Receive satisfaction in contributing to someone else’s growth
– Strengthen your ties with the planning community, APA and YPG
– Gain new perspective and additional experience as an advisor, supporter, tutor and coach
– Create valuable networking and recruiting opportunities

As a protégé, you will benefit from the personal interaction with an experienced planning professional as well as a small group of your colleagues.  You will be given an opportunity to create and foster relationships that will broaden your knowledge and help you understand the variety of planning fields.  Please assess whether you are prepared to be a protégé:
– I can be counted on to carry out commitments to follow up with my Mentor.
– I appreciate my Mentor’s willingness to participate in this program.
– I will contribute to my protégé group and mentor as I recognize this relationship is mutually beneficial.
– I am not using my Mentor to find employment and am committed to fostering a long-term relationship with my Mentor.