Associate Planner

1. Coordinates the preparation of meeting agendas for various commissions, boards and community groups; reviews draft materials and prepares comments; organizes conferences and work sessions and ensures timely notification of appropriate parties.

2. Prepares and edits a variety of written communications, including analytical reports, commentaries, correspondence and drafts of revisions to local ordinances, planning policies and procedures.

3. Assigns and routes plan checks, and structural, grading and landscape plans to staff; reviews plan checks for conformity and maintains monthly log of plan checks processed by the department.

4. Plans, organizes and conducts research studies and prepares reports and recommendations regarding land use, zoning, urban design, population trends, transportation, housing and environmental needs; maintains, updates and analyzes demographic and other data required for the planning function; participates in the review, development or revision of the various elements of the General Plan, environmental impact reports, plans, ordinances and other policies and procedures.

5. Provides information and assistance to developers, property owners and the public regarding laws, policies, regulations, standards and procedures with respect to the submission of plans, processing of applications and implementation requirements; reviews, investigates and processes various plans and applications for subdivision, housing, commercial and industrial developments, variances, use permits and business licenses; determines conformity with laws, policies, regulations and procedures; recommends approval or identifies problems and assesses alternatives.

6. Makes presentations or prepares material for presentation to the City Council, boards, commissions and community groups; answers questions and provides information and assistance to the public in person, on the telephone and in writing.

7. Coordinates, reviews and administers contracts for planning and environmental consulting services.

8. Prepares maps, graphs, charts and other visual aids to illustrate planning studies.

9. Uses computers and software programs for various technical planning projects and studies.

10. May instruct others in explaining work procedures and supporting other staff on a project basis.